I'm a latecomer to the wiki but an early Pynchon adopter: V revealed a world of marvels to me when it was new, and I've been exploring these novels ever since.

I am a scientific translator by trade, a physicist by early training.

My biggest negative is that I grew up in East Tennessee, which means I am very very sure about what I know but skeptical about what you know. . . .

Hey Volver, I'm the one who made the connection with the Q-weapon and Merle's device, but your post about Umeki taking it to Japan was a great tip. I hadn't caught that. Anyway, I incorporated your response into the note at p.1037. Why do you surmise that there's a connection between the Q-weapon and the Interdikt? This is just too much fun... WikiAdmin 22:29, 5 March 2007 (PST)

Hi Volver, Sideming here. My apologies if my reply to your linguistic point came off as sounding argumentative. That wasn't intended. It's a bit of a blind spot in my writing style -- as I've heard from others. As far as the character set, I'm not all that tech- savvy. I thought a simple cut and paste from a Chinese on-line dictionary would do the trick. Maybe when I cut and pasted it from Byal Sredets to the discussion page made a difference. I'll try to edit it directly and see if that works.

Oh, and thanks for all your AtD comments. I enjoy reading them.

Si de ming

Volver, sorry to say, no general history of Asia comes to mind. My reading focuses on Byzantium/Ottoman/Constantinople history; most of my East Asian reading is business-economics oriented in the present day. And I draw an embarassing blank for what to recommend for Central Asia. If your interested in B/O/C I'd be happy to recommend some titles.

Si de ming

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